Ascent Inclusion Consulting specializes in providing tailored, strategic guidance for outdoor businesses and organizations to advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), through a progression of realistic stages. Ascent provides DEI services for private, public, and non-profit organizations, with representative clients such as the U.S. Ski & Snowboard team, Fox Racing, Mountain Hardwear, Alterra Mountain Company, the National Forest Foundation, and others.


In tackling DEI work, tone matters. We are committed to a respectful, understanding, and businesslike setting, no matter where your organization is on its path. We assume positive intent and encourage honest growth without guilt or shame, fostering open dialogue to build an essential foundation of understanding.

DEI guidance services include:

DEI Assessments, including Equity Audits

DEI Action

Facilitated Workshops & Focus Groups

Training & Counseling

Speaking & Storytelling

To see a talk encouraging over 800 ski industry professionals to advance racial inclusion, watch this video, titled “Home”

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Feeling behind the curve can seem daunting, but it just means working to catch up one step at a time. This work includes these understandings:

  • Everyone is a beginner at the beginning
  • Meaningful communication includes honest sharing and respectful dialogue
  • Attempted short cuts often lead to dead ends
  • Any plan must include time to train and acclimate
  • Education must be paired with actions to achieve equity

Without a professional guide to help identify the best route for your business, it is easy to get lost in the many DEI guidebooks, articles, and tools that are not simple to navigate or interpret alone. Applying DEI principles to everyday practice is even more difficult, especially without support to address the challenging features of outdoor industries.

Ascent Inclusion Consulting adds unique value to DEI work through its depth of experience and expertise within the outdoor industry.

Ascent Inclusion Consulting has a unique understanding of outdoor industry practices and cultures, built upon years of extensive experience with industry operations and strategy involving both the private and public sectors. This foundation of experience supports its deep, specialized understanding of outdoor industry landscapes. These landscapes include varied business objectives and systems, a wide array of internal and external audiences, communities, and stakeholders, and the need to operationalize and track sustainable actions with concrete policies and metrics.

At its core, DEI entails cultural and systems changes to achieve a more welcoming environment and equitable practices. Ascent Inclusion Consulting’s specialized experience and familiarity with the outdoor industry’s existing cultures and systems adds unique value, insights, and efficiencies to any organization’s DEI action plan.

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